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Medical Device Development from Concept to Completion

With 30 years of design and ISO-13485, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified manufacturing behind us, we have the comprehensive capabilities to efficiently help you bring your innovative products to market. We can take your project from inception to delivery—or anywhere in between—to help you make the most of your life-impacting ideas and your industry expertise and capabilities. Our customers trust our decades of experience with projects like theirs. You can trust your innovation to our technology and expertise.
Design Services

OEM/ODM Services

Axiomtek has the experience, capability, and R&D resources to integrate your ideas and selection of components into innovative medical solutions and related applications. From concept to completion, we focus on your needs at all stages for all types of OEM/ODM projects. We will take your concept, requirements and specifications—and deliver product that performs exactly as you expect. Axiomtek’s OEM/ODM services cover the full project life cycle, from development stages, quality control, manufacturing & assembly, logistics, services and support.

  • Board-level and system-level customized design and integration services.
  • Our disciplined team approach allows us to shorten development cycle time without compromising quality.
  • Flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing and value-added services.
  • Lower manufacturing costs and faster time-to-market.

With the latest in manufacturing technology as well as large dedicated world-class, ISO9001 certified facilities, we are well equipped to support your OEM/ODM projects, no matter how complex.




Design Services - embedded motherboards

Board Design-in Assistance

We can help you solve your most complex board design challenges, from overall design assistance in all stages including planning, design, debug, validation and post-manufacturing services—that include material maintenance and warranty support. Our services include:

  • Design assistance—Our engineers can help you achieve critical development milestones to reduce design uncertainty and risk associated with your system integration.
  • Thermal solution—Our expertise in embedded engineering can help you improve the reliability of your design to prevent early stage failures in the field due to thermal issues.
  • Embedded software—Our extensive work with BIOS customization, embedded OS development and software API utility and driver support can help you optimize system resource demand, reduce total cost of ownership, improve system reliability and shorten time to market.
  • Modularized accessory—Our modularized accessory services can provide different levels of customized service to achieve complicated and changeable requirements.
  • Testing—Our application engineering team will debug, analyze and validate all requirements to ensure that your products have smooth deployment with no issues. We can also provide certification testing to ensure receipt of the medical certifications your team desires.
  • Web-based support—The Axiomtek Technical Portal provides 24/7 access to our deep experience in embedded design, offering additional technical support, mechanical information and application notes. One-on-one access with our engineers is also available—simply call Axiomtek.
  • Verified customer satisfaction—We have stringent quality control standards for both products and services. Our systematic surveys over the years have tracked our high level of customer satisfaction.
Design Services - embedded computer systems

System Design-in Assistance

Whether designing devices to be used in the clinical setting or other related applications in a medical infrastructure, Axiomtek can help you design a successful solution. Axiomtek’s comprehensive embedded system product line offer a wide range of processing capabilities for scalable computing, robust and rugged choices including DIN-rail, compact, highly expandable embedded systems with many useful options to suit any medical controller needs. Most Axiomtek’s embedded systems offer high customizability, , extensive I/O and communications options, wide operating temperature range, and flexible configuration. We can help you customize our products to suit your particular design.

Axiomtek’s embedded system categories including the eBOX, DIN-rail (rBOX, and ICO IoT gateway product lines), and industrial PCs (IPC product line) are powerful and versatile foundations for many medical device operations.

  • eBOX systems offer a wide variety of Intel® processors for scalable computing performance, with extensive I/O options, wide operating temperature range and flexible expansion capabilities.
  • rBOX, IFB and ICO DIN-rail product lines offer a ruggedized design and many useful and robust features.
  • IPC solutions provide high computing performance with great expandability for scalable computing in a larger industrial environment.

Value-added Services

Our comprehensive suite of value-added services can manage the entire project from the beginning to end—or any part of it. We extend our assistance to after-deployment needs, including routine operations. We can help ease the burden of new projects, or manage your cumbersome business tasks as a part of your extended team, so you can focus on your core competency without draining your valuable resources.