High-performance Embedded

Computing Powers Tomorrow’s

Medical Analysis and

Treatment Systems

Axiomtek Enables Vaccine and Biologics Generation and Blood Analysis

Axiomtek’s embedded computer products power a wide range of biologic testing and vaccine-related systems. Our products include medical-grade touch panel PCs, embedded motherboards, embedded computer systems, IoT gateway devices and more for Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-classified medical device categories. Some examples of applications that Axiomtek’s hardware technologies and design services have been considered and selected for include the following:

  • Blood analysis
  • Biologics engineering
  • Vaccine production
Vaccine, blood, and biologics - medical solutions

Advancing Blood Analysis with Powerful Embedded Computing

Modernized blood analysis is full of innovation. Advancements in new technology now offer high powered computers to do the complicated work such as those required for blood testing applications. High reliability, accuracy and speed in which the results are now being delivered with reduced blood sample sizes are among the examples of what Axiomtek’s products are able to deliver. Axiomtek’s embedded computers are built to help shorten analysis times; capture, store and transfer more data; communicate results quickly; and display important information when integrated with other medical devices and/or components.

Vaccine, blood, and biologics - blood lab testing

Vaccine- and Biologics-related Applications

Axiomtek’s advanced embedded computers, embedded motherboards and medical-grade touch panel PCs can be integrated into vaccine and biologics laboratory computer equipment to help assist in the production of crucial vaccines and biologics that can be used to save lives and increase life expectancy. Axiomtek’s embedded computer products and design services also serve a variety of medical research facilities and laboratories’ applications.