Gaining the Edge with Axiomtek’s Edge Computing Solutions

Axiomtek has been assisting our medical OEM/ODM customers with the design and customization of highly advanced medical servers. In addition to helping our customers meet their design challenges, we offer intelligent account services that are designed to lessen the pains of developing and managing products throughout their life cycles. Our customers have enjoyed the assistance of our dedicated teams that include design engineers, product and project managers, R&D, account managers and buyers. We take pride in building a team of support around our customers and ensuring that their projects’ demands and goals are met with the highest level of efficiency possible.


Perfect for Your Application

No matter how complex your project is, we can help. Our standard, comprehensive embedded systems product line offers rich features, high flexibility and scalability. With options that include modular I/Os and optional interfaces, your computing choice can be customized to meet your project requirements without sacrificing your time to market. Your medical servers can also be designed from scratch. We will work as a part of your extended product development team to champion your project goals.

Axiomtek supports systems integrators, OEMs and ODMs of various medical markets including biochemical, pharmaceutical and medical devices; laboratory equipment and medical automation.

Multi-Purpose Server Solutions

Laboratory and Diagnostic Applications

For laboratory and diagnostic equipment, our server solutions can be integrated for use in a variety of applications including a few examples below:

  • DNA sequencing
  • Blood analysis
  • Immunoassay analysis
  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PCR testing
  • Antibody/immunity testing

Axiomtek solutions were selected by leading medical device manufacturers to help them meet their laboratory and diagnosis project requirements. From making our systems even more powerful and functional with additional processing power and advanced storage – to offering sophisticated designs of custom enclosures and comprehensive interfaces, the Axiomtek teams are accustomed to carrying out unique customization requests and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Secure Data Storage

Axiomtek medical servers can effectively host a large quantity of information. Our standard servers offer scalable storage capacities and can be customized for high-speed hosting of large volumes of information or serve simpler tasks. They are designed to work well with a wide range of reporting, analytics and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software and are created to be one of the most effective solutions for healthcare data storage.

Data Analytics

Axiomtek medical servers are ideal for medical analytics applications. Coupled with analytics software, they can provide access to a vast amount of data or images, and process them to offer desired information and reports at a swift pace. With additional CPU and GPU capabilities, our AI servers can support complex laboratory, medical and research analytical applications. They can be used to support machine learning and other intelligent applications. Many of our servers in the AI product lines support leading software development kits and offer enhanced features for easy application development and deployment.

Controlling Medical Equipment at the Edge

Axiomtek’s powerful edge servers are purpose-built to effectively and reliably control medical equipment at the edge. They offer high performance processors, rich interfaces, multiple communication options and flexibility for a wide range of applications. They can be used to control a variety of IoT medical devices, collect massive amounts of data, analyze and report in real-time to better detect and diagnose problems quickly and enhance patient treatment for improved outcomes.

Among their rich features, our medical servers offer triple display output through VGA, HDMI and LVDS for applications requiring the displays of medical images. These edge servers feature high expandability, interconnectivity, rich protocol support and extensive choices of interfaces.

The Right Solution for Your Project

With a comprehensive list of products to choose from, Axiomtek’s medical computer solutions are purposely designed to deliver the best embedded computing technology and be the most logical solution choice for medical OEMs and ODMs. In addition to products, our design engineering and value-added services and dedicated resources have proven themselves to be invaluable to our customers. With 30 years of industry experience and our continued commitment to our medical industry customers, we hope that we can be a valuable resource for your projects and that you choose us for your medical computing needs.

Contact us to learn more on how we can help you achieve your project goals with ease.