Axiomtek is a

Foundation for Radiation

Emitting Devices

Axiomtek Embedded Products and Design Services Enable Safer Radiation Emitting Devices and More Accurate Diagnoses

Axiomtek’s embedded motherboards and systems deliver the technologies needed for FDA-classified radiation-emitting solutions, such as X-ray machines, CT scanners and others. Axiomtek’s products and design services can help enable radiation emitting devices that deliver lower dosages to patients, resulting in less exposure, while providing clearer imagery for more accurate diagnoses by clinicians.

Design X-Ray Systems High Image Quality and Low Dosages

Acquiring high quality digital images while minimizing X-ray power for each situation are data intensive processes, which our high-performance equipment provides. Medical motherboards must be powerful enough to meet these challenges, and they have to be specifically designed for each medical device. Medical touch panel PCs can also be integrated into the X-ray system to rapidly display high-resolution images while offering convenient, intuitive and reliable operation. Axiomtek supplies medical-grade embedded motherboards and touch panel PCs that offer excellent performance while meeting stringent medical certification requirements. In addition to hardware, Axiomtek can provide motherboard design support for radiation emitting device manufacturers and help with integration and deployment.

Mobile CT Scanners Accelerate the Race Against Time for Stroke Victims

According to the Center for Disease Control, effective stroke treatments need to be administered within three hours of a patient’s first symptoms. Located in strategic locations, modern mobile stroke treatment units provide a speedy CT scan and wirelessly send patient data for analysis, so patients can quickly receive a specific treatment from a clinician.

Axiomtek offers components for these types of solutions:

  • Axiomtek embedded motherboard products are known for their powerful computing and small form factor, making them ideal choices for small mobile units like these.
  • Embedded motherboards provide PCIe expansion to enable wireless mobile communications through 4G, 3G, LTE and GPRS using the appropriate SIM card.
  • Our medical-grade panel PCs or all-in-one touch panel PCs are excellent for human-machine interfaces, allowing health care professionals to gain easy access to patient information and presenting diagnostic results.