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Design and Customize Your Hardware Solutions for Your Medical Device, Server and Kiosk Projects

Axiomtek offers a variety of service and solution choices and can be your one-stop-shop for design and customization services of medical devices, instruments and healthcare facility medical equipment. Our experience assisting our OEM/ODM customers encompasses a wide variety of board- and system-level computer solutions that are integrated into devices and equipment such as medical servers, DNA sequencing machines, hospital check-in kiosks and laboratory systems. Our comprehensive suite of product and service offerings are highly flexible and personalized. Our OEM/ODM customers can choose exactly what they need – from using standard, high quality Axiomtek products for integration into their solutions with or without customization- to COTS integration or fully customized solutions. Our engineering assistance can also be highly selective, for a particular service choice or from concept to production.
Medical products - medical-grade panel PCs

Axiomtek’s Medical Servers Empower Clinical Research, Accurate Diagnoses and Improved Treatment Plans

Axiomtek’s medical servers can be designed and customized for medical device OEMs and ODMs to serve a variety of applications. Clinical researching and testing require instruments and equipment that can provide the balance of performance, accuracy and reliability that they need so that medical discoveries and timely and conclusive results can be achieved.

Axiomtek Server Solutions Support Various Medical Applications

With the help of high computing capabilities, reliability and compatibility with most popular AI software, our medical servers are ideal for integration into medical analytics projects. Researchers and doctors can accurately and quickly achieve results and gain recommendations for diagnosis and treatments. Our standard server products offer high computing power, graphical capabilities, rich interfaces, communication options and scalable features.

Our medical servers can be used in research, laboratory and diagnostic applications such as:

  • DNA sequencing
  • Blood analysis
  • Immunoassay analysis
  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus) PCR and serology testing
  • Medical research projects
  • Edge server applications
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Medical products - embedded motherboards

Health Facility Kiosk

Our medical kiosks are customized for integrators, OEM/ODMs and medical equipment makers to deliver ease of integration and fast time to market. Health facilities are faced with more challenges during the pandemic to provide safe operating environments for staff and patients. Axiomtek has assisted systems integrators with their health facility check-in kiosk projects designed for minimal contact to help prevent further outbreaks. We have provided them with hardware solutions such as medical-grade touch panel PCs, embedded systems, motherboards and design assistance services to help them achieve their project goals.

Our Standard Medical Computer Solutions

Our computer solutions are scalable and feature-rich, with comprehensive selections that range from modular design embedded systems for ease of customization to EN60601-certified panel PCs for specific medical use. They are designed with you, our customers, in mind – to be future-proofed and easy-to-upgrade for product longevity, with ample choices such as motherboards vs. Intel® Smart Display Modules (Intel® SDM); touch panel PCs vs. SDM displays; OPS players vs. non-OPS digital signage players and many more.

Our computer solutions offer contemporary technologies and features including:

  • Antimicrobial touch panel PCs and kiosk displays to help prevent spreading of virus and bacteria on surfaces
  • Interfaces for camera and body temperature sensors for screening
  • High compatibility with motion detection and gesture control software for touchless kiosks

They also feature high compatibility with peripherals such as point-of-sale terminal tools, barcode readers and RFID scanners, and leading application software.

One-Stop-Shop for Medical OEM/ODMs

Axiomtek’s Intelligent Design Service team has strengthened their focus on being an all-in-one kiosk solution for our medical OEM/ODM customers. The team has acquired resources to deliver a one-stop-shop capability to help our customers design, test and deploy self-service kiosks from concept to deployment.

Protecting Your Investments

The Axiomtek team utilizes various resources including our supply chain management teams to ensure long product lifetime availability so that you won’t have to worry about your investments and the future of your projects.