Axiomtek Health Facility Solutions

TeleVisits may have become the new norm for patients who need diagnosis and basic treatments during the pandemic. Nevertheless, doctor’s office, laboratory and hospital visits are still required for patients with serious conditions or for annual preventative exams that are crucial to our health and well-being. Health facilities are adapting to the pandemic safety requirements and new systems are put in place to ensure safe visiting conditions to curb the spread of COVID-19. Many rely upon technologies that include less surface contact and reduced waiting time and capacities in waiting rooms.

Integrated Computer Solutions for Safer Health Facility Operations

Axiomtek’s computer solutions are created to deliver ease of integration and fast deployment. Health facilities are faced with more challenges caused by the pandemic within a short period of time to provide safe operating environments for staff and patients. Our integrated kiosks and hardware solutions including Smart Kiosk Module (SKM), Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM)-based Intelligent touch panel computers (ITC), motherboards, embedded systems and digital signage solutions can help health facilities increase their safety and efficiency level, save on operational costs, increase revenue and shorten wait time for better patients’ experiences and satisfaction.

Axiomtek’s Standard Kiosk Solutions for Patients’ Self Check-In and Temperature Screening Kiosk

Hardware and Engineering Solutions for System Integrators and Kiosk OEMs/ODMs

Patients’ self check-in process can be safer with the use of minimum contact or touchless kiosks. With antimicrobial touch surfaces and RFID/barcode readers, minimum contact kiosks can be one of the most effective tools during the pandemic with reducing surface contact during patients’ health facility visits as well as freeing up the facility staff’s time and face-to-face interactions for greater safety.

Axiomtek‘s medical kiosks are customized and designed for our system integrator, OEM/ODM and medical equipment maker customers to their exact specifications. Our hardware solutions have proven to integrate well with patients’ check-in, motion or gesture recognition software, existing health facility networks and RFID or barcode readers. Our OPS players, touch panel PCs, motherboards and embedded systems as well as design assistance services have helped simplify our customers’ kiosk project requirements and achieve their project goals effectively.

Axiomtek Temperature Screening Kiosk

Our capabilities include designing and manufacturing a variety of kiosks including temperature screening touchless kiosks. Axiomtek’s standard Fever Detection Kiosk (FDK) utilizes infrared thermopile technology created by the world-renowned health technology company, OMRON, to provide fast detection time and accurate results. The FDK can detect temperature within a two-foot distance and offers accurate reading in two seconds.

Its key features include the following:

  • Fever alarm – threshold temperature can be set by the facility user. When exceeding the set value, the FDK will issue a warning alarm to alert the staff while the LED indicator will emit a red light
  • Mask mode – the FDK can read and detect temperature of subjects wearing protective masks – an added safety measure to prevent patients from exposure by having to remove their masks
  • Door control – Axiomtek’s FDK supports automatic door/entrance control to prevent subjects with temperatures exceeding the threshold level from entering the facility
  • Facial recognition – the advanced FDK supports facial recognition technology

The kiosk is easy to customize, with rich interfaces and built-in flexibility that allows our customers to choose the features that are most important to them. Our engineering and Intelligent Medical Solutions (IMS) teams are on standby to assist. They are highly experienced in delivering personalized support and in helping many of our kiosk OEM/ODM customers customize and design their kiosks from the drawing board to deployment with ease.

POC Terminals, Nursing Carts and HMI Applications

MPC103-845Axiomtek’s medical-grade touch panel PC products offer unparalleled reliability, exceptional performance and user-friendly designs to serve a variety of medical applications. They are designed for ease of integration into an existing hospital or health facility network. Most models feature low noise operation, rich interfaces and many OS/software support tools.

Axiomtek’s EN 60601-1-certified touch panel computers can be equipped with anti-microbial surfaces to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses. They are robust, feature-rich and purposely designed for applications such as nursing carts, medical image processing devices, remote telepresence robots and point-of-care terminals. They can also be deployed for electronic medical record use to provide medical professionals with easy and secured access to patient records.

Digital Signage Solutions for Communications in Lobbies and Waiting Rooms

Axiomtek’s OPS digital signage players are designed to deliver a balance of great features and simplified installations and maintenance. Equipped with exceptional graphical capabilities, scalable processors, multi-display interfaces and advanced storage and communication options, the OPS players are great for integration into displays in waiting rooms or lobbies of health facilities. They can be used to communicate information such as operating schedules, wait times, health tips or integrate into a self check-in system.

Another great option for thinner displays are Axiomtek’s Smart Display Modules (SDM). They are flexible, with choices of small or large size for scalability and design requirements. The SDM is based on recent Intel digital signage technology that was designed to offer high interoperability, scalable performance, great graphical capabilities and interface options and brilliant images/resolutions. They are created to be near future-proof and easy to maintain and upgrade. They also offer ease of content management through their remote capabilities.

Medical Panel PC and Servers for Patients’ Examination, Diagnosis and Testing

Axiomtek’s EN-certified medical panel PCs and edge servers are integrated to control a variety of health facilities’ medical equipment including nursing carts, medical diagnosis equipment such as X-ray and MRI machines and laboratory testing devices. Our medical servers can also be used to provide secured access to patients’ medical records to healthcare professionals and equipped with AI software for better patients’ diagnosis processes and treatment plans. Learn more.

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