25 Years of Advancements in Medical Technology

As we celebrate our 25th year in business, Axiomtek is looking back on the amazing progress of technology in many different forms and seeing how it has affected all major facets of our lives. In the medical world, improved computer technology has helped with treatments and patient care, leading to an increase in overall health.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, thanks to the integration of computers into medicine, radiation therapy for cancer patients was improved by creating 3D treatment plans, allowing doctors to scan and create computer models of patient tumors in order to fully visualize and target tumors with better accuracy from multiple angles. This new method also led to minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue, ensuring better patient health. While 3D modeling is still being used for cancer treatment, newer technology has gone a step further from treatment to focusing on prevention by looking at genetic sequences. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, thanks to advancements in treatment and preventative medical technology, risk of death at five years fell by 43 percent for colon or rectum cancers, 52 percent for breast cancer, 39 percent for liver cancer, 68 percent for prostate cancer, 25 percent for lung cancer and 27 percent for pancreas cancer.

Using genomic studies, advanced computers can look at a person’s DNA in order to sequence, assemble and analyze billions of pieces genetic data to screen for diseases including cancer and other various illnesses. DNA screening instruments can determine what diseases a person has by looking at their DNA, which can then allow medical professionals to determine a correct course of treatment or preventative care. Many of our customers in the medical device equipment industry integrated Axiomtek’s boards, medical panel PCs, panel PCs and other products into their equipment to perform advanced medical screening and provide treatments to patient.

Medical certified embedded technologyAxiomtek’s motherboardsembedded controllerspanel PCs and medical-grade panel PCs offer many key features including UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE and FCC class B medical certifications, wide operating temperature ranges, IP64 and up front panels, and high graphics capabilities.

Axiomtek’s touch panel PC products, including the GOT and MPC product lines, have many useful key features for the medical field including multiple medical certifications, wireless connectivity, 250 – 1000 nits high brightness LCD screens, high graphics performance, and more. When considering ongoing patient treatment, Axiomtek’s medical panel PC products are an ideal choice for point-of-patient care computer terminals, giving medical professionals easy access to patient records in order to make accurate diagnoses and review treatment options.

As technology grows, Axiomtek’s will continue to offer products with user-friendly designs and powerful performance to serve in the medical field- giving health care professionals the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Contact us at solutions@axiomtek.com for more information.